Tuesday 18 February 2014

Who is Apogee?

Our recent posts on iPad Deejays generated a lot of interest so we went digging to find out what's trending in the world of iPad tech gadgets. Apogee is a name that is coming up a lot. They're known for making a lot of specialist equipment that is very Apple product friendly. We're not just talking any equipment ,this is some very specialised audiophile gear. Top end of their web page takes you to their flagship of the moment: the Symphony 64 Thunderbridge, which to be fair is for consumption of music not creation,but for sheer volume(and price!), is worth mentioning.

Creativity can also be unleashed with many of the Apogee products,which must again be said to be very iPad friendly and expected to be in a trending muso's arsenal. These include the Jam guitar interface, and the very useful One iPad/Mac USB audio interface/mic that promises to be very versatile. If you're a user of any of these please tell us if they're worth a recommendation.

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