Friday, 29 August 2014

Can the 3ds Xl still compete?

Nintendo having being in the game for a long time is certainly not one to flog a dead horse, so I'm starting to think of taking the 3ds Xl more seriously with recent announcements in mind.

Having bowed to pressure from younger household members and purchased a 3ds for a birthday present and having looked at reputable print magazines like T3 and Stuff that still rate the dual screen wonder as one of the best games consoles maybe theres more to Nintendo's little guy than I thought.

However I think that it needs a lot more street cred and be less niche to avoid making this house a city of sleep and us just turning back to the Ipad and Android for gaming. The thing is most retailers just stock the more juvenile games for the 3Ds and its darned hard to,find quality adult gaming.

That said the good adult orientated games have to be there, Ninty wouldnt be planning a NEW 3DS XL with Nfc and faster processors if the little console that could didnt have the steam for it.

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