Monday, 22 September 2014

Destiny game levelling Cheat

If youve been playing Destiny you'll be wanting to level up asap to gain the covetted 20 plus level,where the game really opens up. The "Destiny Cave Cheat" is one quick way to go about this. After a bit of Reddit and gaming forum searching i found some of the easiest ways to locate the Destiny Cave, an hou of play saw a dozen new lvel plus weapons and a quick xp gain to jump from 9 to 11. 
Initially a little hard to find Destiny's cheat cave normally has a few people hanging around outside for the easy grind.
Head to the Skywatch area of Old Russia. If you can't remember how to get there, head for the massive building on the hill. Go through it until you emerge out the other side. Skywatch is the area with the crashed hive ship where the hive and fallen fight each other.

Once in the Skywatch, turn left and follow the cliff until you hit a building with a little door in it. Don't enter the building, but turn right and head towards the hive ship. If you look ACROSS the ship's entrance, you'll see a little cave. 

As long as you (or someone else) doesn't get too close, the cave will spawn an almost continuous stream of low-level thralls and acolytes.

Play nice with others and keep the minions spawning,try to share the drops and go to the cave when others do, there's plenty of loot drops so dont worry.
See the attached pictures for reference: Its in the Skywatch area head for the large building referenced in the screenshot and then turn right, also a sure sign is the other grinders normally hanging out there. The trick is to keep the mobs spawning by not getting too close,but the spawn will also stop if the minions mangae to escape the area, so remember to gun them all down. Sometimes Bungie seems to get angry with this easy Destiny XP and engram gain and chucks everything at you. In which case, good luck surviving!

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