Monday, 8 September 2014

I am a Social Justice Warrior, and proudly so.

There's been yet another debacle in gaming these past few days, the so-called GamerGate. I recommend this article at Badass Digest to get a picture of how ugly the whole thing is.

I won't speak of the moral mire that sprung this torrent of harassment, as the aforementioned article does it very well. Let's shift this to a linguistic point of view.

I'm tired of assholes either using words they do not comprehend or turning laudative expressions into slurs. I'm tired of seeing "gay" used as an insult, of "gamer" becoming synonym of "white, straight, entitled manchild", or of "feminist" painting for most the portrait of a "Straw Feminist".

As several commentators have pointed out, "social justice warrior" sounds like a badass thing to be, a great thing to aspire to. So, no, I won't let this qualificative become something to be ashamed of. I'm proud to want and to act for more social justice in my little corner of the universe.

I am proud of being a Social Justice Warrior. Who's with me?


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