Monday 1 February 2021


 The Treasures of Magor

Well done traveller our new ally has shown you the way. Treasures await you over the coming epoch, but first I will tell you of our tale.

A new start for Dwarves

With all the gold of our homeworld mined from year's of our dwarf industriousness, it was time to find new mines. The Blue Dwarf Wizard in his wisdom designed great airships to take us to the stars in our eternal quest for more GOLD

The Dwarven Airship

The Federation beckons

After years of travel we heard word of the Federation, powerful miners of Trilium. We however wanted GOLD, and lots of it.

The Blue Dwarf Wizard quickly helped us make strong alliances.

And a powerful Alliance was born. We would MINE and STAKE on the Planet Magor.

In return for new allies the NFT ARMY would show us the location of the best Gold and Treasure Mines in Magor


Magor: Mountains 7:8 

Magor: Mountains 11:10

Magor: Mountains 25:6

Magor: Rocky Desert  11:3 

Magor: Active Volcano 38,9    

Magor: Mountains 39,13














Magor lands

Mountain 18.18

Mountain 3.10

Rocky desert 32.3

Rocky desert 9.18

Rocky coastline 28.10

Mountain 7.15

Rocky desert 27.19

Mountain 26.15

Active volcano 9.12

What Next?

As our MINING AND STAKING efforts increase across Magor our friendly Aliens have revealed that slowly more treasures will be revealed and DWARVES LOYAL TO THE NFT ARMY WILL BE THE FIRST TO FIND TREASURES....

Our Saga so far: After finding their feet in a few initial quests the Dwarves proved their loyalty in "Secret Quest" and the King was satisfied that the dwarves were loyal to the cause.

 A Call to Arms
Planning on expanding the Dwarven Empire a call was put out for questers to mine weapons for the cause. A successful operation only ruined by the appearance of an enemy from a distant planet.

Luckily the dwarves were able to band together and defeat the Cabal OverLord.

Into the Jungle
Now that the Dwarf King knewn that their position on Magor was not as solid as he thought, paranoia set in.
Seeing enemies everywhere he captured and imprisoned the first non Dwarfs that he came across.

These strange creatures were given unto his most loyal dwarves to guard. After a period of time, when it was decided that the creatures were harmless, and even likeable in a way the Dwarf wardens grew restless that they were still imprisoning them.
The Dwarf King however would not relent and only after repeated rescue attempts by another of the rapidly growing factions in the meta-verse

was the wrong righted and the creatures freed.

NOW: The King plans his next move. But with the awareness, like an unknowable itch in his hairy loins, that all the while whilst the questers had been questing. That the Blue Dwarf Wizard had been leaving small breadcrumb clues about. And very,very soon. It would be time for the hidden portal to creak open, and what lies within would have to be faced.....

The portal will soon be found

Remember: You have to be an Official Quester and staking to Magor to participate.

Good luck in your Quest


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