Thursday 18 March 2021

AlienArmyWorld for Magor Governance

 The Dwarves of Magor have always believed in Gold, fighting, drinking and TLM mining, sometimes all at once.

But whilst they're not carrying out their favourite activities the Dwarves are scheming...

In a good way! They are the rowdiest and drunkest inhabitants of the Meta-Verse.but also the fairest. If one Dwarf is picked upon by a Cabal Potato Head,the Caballite better watch its back, because its going to be jumped on by 20 Axe wielding,bearded shortarses.

So to make the Meta-Verse a funner, fairer, rowdier and more drunken playground. These nutters have set up shop in Magor.

Using the Telegram group AlienArmyWorld the dwarves want your vote to keep the fun times coming, increase the TLM pots to overflowing and make Questing a full time job.

Not one Dwarf,not many, but ALL Dwarves of the AlienArmyWorld channel will govern Magor through a representative system of in channel polling. If one Dwarf makes a proposal as long as 4 other Dwarves say "AYE" it will go to an in channel poll, where every channel member has a vote.

If the vote is carried chosen Dwarves of good repute in the channel, of which there will be NO LESS THAN 7 DWARVES (cute names are not obligatory) will then enact the Will of the Dwarves.

Kiss my Axe!


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