Wednesday 3 August 2011

Angry Birds Updates and more

Apparently if youre a blog about video games you have to write at least one article about virtual Avian phenomenon Angry Birds to keep your blogging license. So what makes a simple app so huge that it has a million plus downloads, its own range of plush toys and a movie inspired by it? Firstly its got to be said even though I, along with ninety nine percent of the developed world have played the game it does get awful sameish quite fast. However its almost always worth a quick five minute blast before boredom or frustration sets in. Pondering the phenomenon then lets look at what it does right. Firstly its obvious its polished, graphics are good and more importantly distinctive, sound is awesome with some hilarious effects, my favorite being the pig snuffles and levels are well designed in that it is always possible to achieve your three stars but never ever easy or impossible. Casual gamers love it for its cute simplicity, for hardcorers theres the challenge of getting 3 stars on every level and Rovio clearly shows their knowledge of what makes gamers tick by throwing in loads of hidden Easter eggs. Another big factor is the care that they throw behind it. Update after update in the format of  seasonal goodness like Christmas and Halloween editions make the game always seem new and contemporary. Then of course theres a whole new game in the form of Rio. I’m sure all this constant development cuts into their budget but its also been a major factor behind the rise and rise of this game. However thats  only the  obvious factors AB also has some nifty psychological hooks which make it so addictive. Lets save that for another post though as the discussion could get kinda heavy. So if youre not a bird addict now you know what some of the hype is and hopefully if youre a developer you will learn from them birds to make us gamers some new future treats.