Wednesday 3 August 2011

Calling all developers (and Gamers and anybody else really!)

Gametrender always plans to bring you the latest and best apps. However as part of a marketing drive we've been closely working with a number of non-English developers. We thought that it was such a pity that many apps are inaccesible, ir virtually so due to really poor translations. So rather than just complaing about this we went and did something about it. A week later and we are pleased to say that we have not only helped translate the market description for a number of apps but have even joined forces with a Brazilian developer to bring a Hangman app to market. Well if you're a foreign developer looking to fix your translations into proper English or even a gamer who knows of an app that could benefit from this then let us know. We're always happy to bring gamers the games they want-by any means possible!

Here's the  Android market link for our pet project 'Hangman Mania' optimised from the original Portugese.

Developers we've helped to optimise their apps are:; and the RTS Android Developer Central Bytes

So there you have it , the future is bright the future is GAMETRENDER

Hangman Mania

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