Saturday 5 November 2011

Life Without your Smartphone

A week away in Europe and traveling quite light, but naturally my gaming phone is going with me. Exorbitant roaming charges mean I wont be going on the internet, but being shut off from the web and any app downloads is a really good thing. Reason being that if you're a mobile gamer on your Android or Iphone you're probably going to have become a collector, theres so much variety and most for free on the download scene that if youre anything like us you’ll have downloaded apps and games until your phone's memory is fit to burst. Thats why its great to be part of the traveling disconnect: theres some awesome games on my phone which have never been played as leisure time is spent searching for new and better, so now is the time to properly explore whats on my phone and also anticipate how much app gaming will have moved on in the week I’m away. Update...
Another week passes us by and support for the up and coming smartphone blog Gametrender continues to grow. The team has been in Europe and practically disconnected from the internet for a week, very much looking forward to returning home and catching up  with how much has changed in the fast paced app gaming world. On our working week one thing dramatically struck us, just how many people use their smartphones for  gaming . In a totally unrelated business environment it seemed that every spare moment people had their phones out to get a quick gaming fix. Remember it needs people like us and you to help and shape their gaming habits and show them what games to play on their Iphones and what apps are worth downloading for Android. The team is still recruiting so get in touch.

I've covered Augmented Reality in an updated post about how useful smartphones are

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