Saturday 5 November 2011

Up and Coming Android Blog

The Gametrender

blog for Iphone and Android

was started roughly three weeks ago with the dual purpose of bringing some great

knowledge about Android and Iphone apps

to the masses and drumming up support for out innovative game trending ideas and start up company. We’re still very much recruiting and the website is what needs to come next. So if you want to be part of the revolutionary Gametrender concept and want to contribute skills, to become

guest game blogger

, or want to be a featured app developer then hurry up and get in touch. Gametrender is rapidly becoming exponentially massive. Type in “Gametrender” into Goggle search and we are the top five hits out of almost four thousand. The team needs you and this could also be your chance to turn your

gaming hobby into a lucrative job

. Do it! And update: The momentum continues with a provisional website established at Gametrender  and an upcoming appstore  our business only email at :

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