Monday 24 October 2011

Free to Play (Cow Clicker and more)

What you would be prepared to pay for in free to pay title? In one of my previous postings I spoke about the different models that games use to make money.Increasingly common are micro transactions in games which make gamers pay for amongst other things, virtual goods.So the question is what gamers are prepared to pay for. Amusingly there is a spoof game which exists on facebook called Cow Clicker. Why I mention Cow Clicker is the fact that you can part real money to buy something quite meaningless. You can pay to get a patterned cow which is fair enough, but as part of his social comment the developer had made it so you can pay to get cows with miniscule differences to each other. For example one model faces left, the other which you will pay for, faces right. And yet still people pay! At one stage before it was banned sellers did a roaring trade on ebay selling virtual currency for online games. It is write common in MMORPG games for there to be a pay for virtual currency which can be used to purchase virtual goods. Swords, armour, clothing, the sale of virtual goods is booming. But where do you draw the line. Reading the forums it seems that it is not unusual for consumers to sometimes spend hundreds of pounds on virtual goods. Would you pay for a right facing cow?