Monday 29 August 2011

What Gaming forums can teach us.

Here at Gametrender one thing we know is our Android games, it's our bed and butter and day to day business. However when we started to explore the forums we were in for a pleasant surprise. Obsessed with new, better, more and the fact that new games come out at such a ridiculous pace means that so many great games become swamped under the deluge of titles that arrive on a seemingly second to second basis. The Android market its often criticised for its lack of filtering and search unfriendliness so it becomes so hard to find what we might enjoy. In the name of Research gametrender recently set off to explore some of the wilder reaches of the internet. It reminded us very much of a certain locale in Hyde Park, London. In the park is an area called Speakers Corner, here on a small raised platform anybody can climb up, whenever they wish and harangue the crowds with their opinion, whatever it may be. Well the forums, and there are many hundreds of them are just like this with everybody having their own personal soapbox to climb aboard and shout from. However from a gamers perspective they are pure gaming gold. All the little hidden gems that we might have missed can be found there, whether the forumites opinion on what is or is not a good game is irrelevant, as the android market is so happily filled with freeware that once you've got a games name you're only seconds away from having it on your phone. That's why I've found and enjoyed obscure titles like Wordwrench, Barr, Buka and Trapped. Very likely those are games that for me would have been buried forever in the markets vaults, but a little but of digging has led to some great, and free, fun. Just remember though in the fast paced gaming world that amateur opinions are great but Gametrender will always be there to provide you the customised service that you need to find the best games and apps that suit you.

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