Sunday 11 September 2011

Expected app features

App gaming is a very luxurious hobby with us lucky spoiled gamers wanting even expecting certain sets of features. So what sort of features do we want, is there an expected feature set and do these features actually help to sell apps?

Of increasing popularity in recent times are services like Openfeint providing online leaderboards and friend matching for online games. Services like this make it easy to share, play and compete in games.
Other features can range from the simple, such as a dedicated pause button, to more traditional gaming features such as multiple difficulties.

Many of the top mobile apps are very savvy to the worth of a good feature set, such as multiple tracks in racers or different character wardrobes, both of which amongst others can be used to perform micro transactions and gain money for the developer.

It is interesting to see the direction that some developers are taking app features. Increasingly those already mentioned such as leaderboards are becoming mundane and the best developers are integrating dedicated phone features into increasingly varied uses, such as the use of GPS for location based gaming.
It seems that the more features we have the more we want, and
as long as the developers keep producing the goods we'll keep on being astounded by our phones.

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