Saturday 10 September 2011

Travel Friendly Apps

Being a frequent traveller I often have the dubious pleasure of whiling away time at the airport duty free ( five hour plane delay! Thanks Easyjet!) As a general moan duty free is not what it once was as homegrown shops now seem to be much more competitive.Anyway not to digress, this isn't a travel blog after all, but I've kicked off the post talking about Airport shopping as there is one particular product on shop shelves that should be of particular interest to App Developers as a source of revenue : The ubiquitous travel games.

Coming in at an average price of about seven English Pounds they can be found all over the airports, I assume they exist elsewhere but here is where they are at their most noticable. Monopoly; Ludo; Draughts;Backgammon etc. They're a good idea and should be having probably existed as long as long haul flights have, but as a technocrat I firmly believe that now is the time to move on.
Let's face it you're probably only going to use it once and then lose the pieces, also why pay such an exorbitant rate if you can get a smartphone app that can do the same. And of course if you're lucky enough to have a tablet then the large format will be even more enjoyable.
It's not just the cost saving and longevity that would make a travel app better then the physical game but all the extras that can be added: leaderboards; high score tables; a list of your destinations and winners of games for previous journeys-the list is endless.
So frequent flyers say no to airport shops-your phone is the future so use it!
Best Ludo game .
Great Travel Hangman Game-Who needs paper?