Wednesday 7 September 2011

Google Offers on Android Market, when?

As a frequent researcher of Android related apps and technology I'm often on the net looking for inspiration for articles. It's an onerous task but frequently rewarded with many interesting tidbits-things we should really know as technocrats but which slip beneath our radar. Whenever Google does something we should be all over it- especially something as phenomenal as Google Offers, in a nutshell Google has now taken the torch on from Groupon and is attempting to do the same thing that Groupon has succesfully accomplished-ie give offers out to consumers. Perhaps with their enormous power Google will provide an even better service. The catch being that as far as my research indicates Google Offers has only rollled out in the  USA so far , so let's hope that it becomes global sooner rather than later.

This article ,however, is not about the new Google service( a more in depth analysis can be found at ), what this article is actually thrusting towards is what Google Offers could actually be, harnessed to the power of the Android market.

Push notifications and location based offers become a big game winner for such a service when leashed to an always on smartphone. So whilst the rest of the world waits with bated breath to see when Google Offers will get to their doorsteps now is the time for enterprising developers to start making the apps that will become the authoritative application to use when the service is rolled out. So early adaptor developers get busy: A huge opportunity is just on the horizon.

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