Wednesday 7 September 2011

The new fourth estate: Android App Journalism

Where to get a job as a game reviewer?Luckily for us Gametrender is not a traditional app reviewing or game reviewing website as these are as prevalent as rain  in a thunderstorm on the net. However between our general analysis of the state of smartphone gaming and plugging our various services we do occasionally venture into pure reviewing and it' s interesting to see how app  game developers different personalities affect the way they treat with you,for example Orangepixel self professed lovers  of games and responsible for some of the best retro inspired app games , such as Super Drill Panic, are brilliant to work with,  some other companies not so much. We wait with interest to see how the new breed of online journalists take on this task.Reviewing Iphone and Android apps is never easy as there are so many quality apps out there. Here's a superb commentary I found whilst researching this article:
android games

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