Sunday 2 October 2011

Android market basics

Phones of today are powerful beasts with a myriad of features - everything 
From satellite navigation to powerful internet connectivity. However it is surprising that many people don't know that these features exist and treat what would have been a supercomputer thirty years ago as just a phone.
It's not what you'd expect though as I've found in my informal research that the expected stereotype of the aged doesn't always holds true, with my father in law recently proselytising about the benefits of the twitter app to increasing a websites Seo and also raving about a certain talking, farting Tom cat app.
Contrast this sixty year old with a twenty something colleague who didn't know that you could download apps to your phone from the Android market, and indeed didn't know where the market icon was, and we have an increasing gap between the tech savvy and the rest.
So what needs to be done: Another puzzle/opportunity for developers and manufacturers to get their heads around. Features by the bucketload fantastic, but of little use if you have to have a degree to even be able to find these marvels.

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