Tuesday 4 October 2011

Getjar Gold Success

The Android Market is a superb must have for all android users and the best place android apps, bar none. Or is it?
Recent months have seen some staunch rivals emerge, firstly USA and then the UK for a few brief hours had access to the Amazon app store (rumor has it that the UK release was premature with the release being unscheduled and then hastily withdrawn when the mistake was noticed). There are numerous other smaller app stores out there (my own included which is still in development: gametrender appstore)
But for free apps at the moment one giant is beginning to dominate. Getjar Gold.
As a spin off from the site Getjar, it is enjoying phenomenal success. Recent news has it that they have just passed the one million dollars worth of free apps downloaded benchmark. These are quality apps too , with a recent article from Pocket Gamer listing five of Getjars apps in a top ten free apps list.
I'm of course on the Getjar mailing list and a recent email to their followers highlights their success and lauds the business model which allows them to give away quality apps and earn money by giving their advertisers a huge market. So it's a win win situation for everybody. Free up space on your phone now and start downloading free quality Android apps.

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