Wednesday 5 October 2011

Android Market Changes

It's a sad fact that in spending the time running my website and researching for new smartphone articles that I sometimes miss the important things going on in the wider Android world.
Recently the layout of the Android market has changed and it has arguably a better, slicker interface with new features that should make downloading apps a whole lot easier and make the apps easy to find. But something is missing and it could have massive repercussions. Where is the 'Just in' section from previous versions of the Android market?
Without this fifteen minutes of fame bit for developers, smaller players are going to miss out on even this little bit of exposure that they did have.
On a personal level I enjoyed trawling through the market to find apps that I wouldn't normally see. I've even used this feature for work, allowing me to find new, smaller  app developers and contact them to offer my app marketing or translation services.
As an app user we should campaign for the just in section to return. As things are small app developers are massively disadvantaged, as only larger developers can expect to get the exposure needed to sell apps.
Fellow website Droid gamers also laments this regrettable state of affairs. So please Google , help the Android underdogs!

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