Wednesday 12 October 2011

Angry Birds Comic-Where worlds collide

Increasingly in the gaming universe different forms of art are becoming inspiration for others.Just as in the realm of movies there is starting to be a trend amongst videogames for cross pollination.
I went searching across the net as I'd recently heard about a dark graphic novel based upon, of all things, the smartphone app Angry Birds.
I'm still searching for the comic as I write but the more I dig the more I come up with some strange and crazy stuff. MTV has jumped on the band wagon and come up with this twisted imagining of what the eponymous birds would look like if they were Superheroes. Some crazed imaginings there, but looking further this is what else I found...

Fan pieces of the birds litter the web,one wonders if they have even played the app, and there are so many reimaginings of them:
The pop culture phenomenon grows and is flourishing by feeding off of other more established cartoons.
Finally in my searching I found the dark and twisted comic.Which it turns out is actually a motion  comic. An interesting piece of videogame lore as it of course blends popular game icons with graphic novel awesomeness, adds a hefty measure of creativity and sends an established medium in a new direction.
Comic link.

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