Wednesday 12 October 2011

IPhone 4S non contender?

Why a screen that's only 3.5 inches, why a processor that's only at a speed of 1GHz. Are these issues that need to be addressed or is it all part of Apples financial plan?
Yes, the phone will be sexy with some great features as mentioned in my previous post, but the fact that so many Android phones such as the HTC Sensation XE have superior specs is cause for concern.
Admittedly the 4S is sexy, but of course it is, it's almost identical to the iPhone 4. The os will of course be good and add the aforementioned voice features but so what; it's nothing that's not been done before.
As Apple's deceased leader becomes a fading and revered memory has the Smartphone company already started to lose its direction, or cynically is the 4S just a temporary stopgap designed to make current owners fork out for very little more and drive down prices for current handsets to reel in more devotees?