Saturday 29 October 2011

App Reviewer Needed

E-Numismatist Now Available for Android Phones

The American Numismatic Association announced today that users of Android-based smartphones can now read The Numismatist electronically. While the app is free from the Android Market, members are required to login in order to be able to read The Numismatist electronically.

This expands the ANA’s electronic reach following the release of their iPhone app andHD version for the iPad. You can read “Review: E-Numismatist Is Worth Its Quirks” for more about the iPhone and iPad apps (rated MS63).

Since I do not own an Android device, I am inviting a guest reviewer for this app. If you are an ANA member with the ability to log in and read The Numismatist electronically, I will publish your review here on the Coin Collectors Blog.

  • Before sending me the review, you must contact me via email (I don’t want to be bombarded with reviews)
  • Your review must include screen images of the running app (see myreview of the iOS apps as an example)
  • Your review must conclude with a rating on the 70-point Sheldon scale with a short justification
  • Reviews are subject to editing (spelling and grammar) and reviews by both of us before posting
  • I will also need a proper spelling of your name for the by-line and an email address for readers to contact you
Your review will be a great service to the numismatic community and you will have my gratitude.

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