Saturday 29 October 2011

Best Animation and Drawing App for Ipad

DoInk runs a website with over two hundred thousand artists on it! That's a lot of artists.
And it leads me to one conclusion DoInk knows what it's doing when it comes to creative art and animation.

Go on their app description on the market and you'll find a bunch of buzz words that mean nothing to me but should mean a lot to the dedicated graphic artists amongst you-powerful vector tools,key framing and bezier curve editing is some of the jargon thrown out but more importantly look behind the jargon and you'll see something very special indeed.

Simple,bright drawings are child's play

Simple Key Frame animation

The app is designed to be used by complete beginners with not an artistic bone in their body or seasoned industry professionals.Easy to use but powerful!A drawing editor;composition editor;props library containing an extensive collection of reusable drawings and animation clips and numerous export options can all be found in this amazing drawing app.
Let your creative side free and download it now!

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  1. Animation Studio includes tools like paint, airbrush, clip art, auto fill, zoom, layers, ... Animation desk is a sleek and very powerful app for animation on the iPad


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