Thursday 27 October 2011

Funny Halloween Apps

It doesn't all have to be about the fear- have a happy Halloween with these apps too. Not just for kids but I'm going to make an eclectic list that will appeal and hopefully bring a Halloween smile to everyone's face.

Halloween Sticker Book app for kidsClicky Sticky's Halloween Sticker Book includes  easy-to-use sticker scenes that are so much better to use than real sticker books which last all of ten seconds . Drag stickers to make a jack-o-lantern, play costume dress-up, and make a scene that won't scare the pants off of the wee ones. (iOS)

Thanks to CoolMom Tech for the tip off.

And a special mention to those Halloween artists amongst you:Carve It Well Pumpkins of course not a horror slasher app at all. Carve and illuminate those pumpkins for kids of all ages( except for those below 3).(iOS)

Here's a nice simple one and for those a tiny bit older, could even be some good Halloween app fun for the whole family with Halloween Word Search. Really nice scary-ish backgrounds make this a favourite  Here’s a good way to while away time on Halloween’s night. The Halloween background music  sets the mood too. And of course words in the game are also Halloween-related. (iTunes Link)

  If you own an Android phone, here is a great little fun Halloween app for you.
Hallo, Monster

click image to enlarge
Hallo, Monster! is a fun and easy to use app. Create your own  Halloween cards complete with scary pumpkins, carve those pumpkins up and add affects to them too
If you or your little one are especially pleased with you creation you can even share it to various social networks like Facebook.
Hallo, Monster
Click image to enlarge
You can also use the Scary Me! feature of the app to generate a card for you. 
You can download Hallo, Monster! for yourAndroid phone for free from here.

Fun game makers Kynetix don't let us down this season with a really fun looking update of their app. I'll leave it to their own words:

Special Halloween game updates!

Hey gamers! Kynitex is happy to announce a special Tomb PinBall and Love Twist updates - right in time for Halloween! Enjoy Jimmie the Crazy Skull's creepy cemetery world ready to celebrate Halloween! Help Jimmie to earn scores and decorate its cozy cemetery even better for celebration! Compete with Mindy the Cutie Skull to win in a special Halloween tic-tac-toe level!
Download creepy Tomb PinBall Halloween edition for FREE right now!

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