Thursday 27 October 2011

iBeatThat : Virtual Competition Gets Real

Gametrender is excited and has been watching old episodes of Jackass thinking : "I can do that" . If there was a fast car in the driveway or a mountain to climb naked I'd be doing that right now. So what's caused this spontaneous burst of testosterone. Well it's unadulterated excitement for something NEW and EXCITING that is coming out soon for iPhone. iBeat That.
With the tagline "Think you're the best? Now you can prove it!" every winner out there should be rearing their head and wondering what it's all about.

Over to some of the promo material that got Gametrender so excited:
iBeat That-Bringing virtual contests to the real

So if you've got the guns nows the time to get very excited about putting them on show with iBeat That for iPhone.
As the developer Todd Smith says: "it would be great if we amateur sports enthusiasts had a way to show our accomplishments virtually and have some good natured fun and competition in the way online gamers could. "

I think this could be a winning app and indeed an app for winners. I can't recall anything near as exciting as iBeat That !

It's promised that the sign in will be simple and easy, the app will use video or GPS to record your feats(or lack of them!) depending on sport. A dedicated Youtube channel will also allow you to see what other competitors/gamers have done. So get ready it's out on Nov, 3rd, 2011.

Read the updated article here.

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