Friday 28 October 2011

Ipod Touch can be Used as Phone

Sometimes there comes a time, even in this modern connected age when a person simply can not use his phone.
I'm writing this post in sympathy for a soldier in Afghanistan. he emailed me to ask for advice about a problem he had. The problem was that despite having internet access he was not able to use his phone for security reasons(and even had it confiscated from him for security reasons) Missing his wife he decided to buy an Ipod Touch, which he was allowed to have, so this article is going to explore ways in which an Ipod Touch can be used just like a phone.

So first impressions here's the app that comes bundled with the Touch

iMessageFree text messaging comes to iPod touch.

You and your best friend text each other all the time. Even when she’s sitting right next to you. With the Messages app on iPod touch, you can text any iOS 5 device using iMessage. And it’s free and unlimited over Wi-Fi. Send photos, videos, locations and contacts. Text one-to-one or as a group. Get delivery receipts so you know your message was received. If your friend has read receipts enabled, you’ll know your text was read. Messages are securely encrypted. And if you have more than one iOS device, iMessage keeps the conversation going across all of them. 
Moving away from generic Apple products I also managed to find this which promises to be able to be used both for the Ipod Touch , computers and other devices:

With the Tru App on your computer, you can call other Tru App users for free, and make low-cost VoIP calls to any landline or mobile around the world.
Tru App works across PC, Mac and Linux, plus a range of mobile devices, and is free to download. 
And finally we come to Easytalk which will provide these services through Wi-fi or 3G:
Free international calls! Please have your friends install Easytalk, you can have free SMS message and free international calls between you and your friends.

EasyTalk is a different kind of phone app. It builds its contact list off of your iPhone address book and Facebook friend list and lets you send FREE text messages and make FREE phone calls to them, from anywhere and at anytime, as long as your friends have EasyTalk installed on their iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

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