Friday 28 October 2011

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A new search engine tool has just been released on the Android Market, called Download Engine. It is an exciting and very powerful web search tool; aimed at speeding-up and enhancing the overall web downloading experience.

The search engine instantly locates the entire set of links, hosted in popular file sharing providers, namely, RapidShare, Megaupload, MediaFire, FileServe and Wupload. A link is then activated by the user, to complete the downloading process.

Several novel features are introduced, to maximize searching functionality and downloading efficiency:

• All types of files can be located by the search engine and subsequently downloaded by the user, quickly and effectively. 

• File extension specific searches are possible, in audio (mp3) and video (avi, mkv & mp4).

• Segmented files with their constituent parts stored at different host providers, are automatically located and the partitions are displayed in the correct order. Speedy downloading of the entire file is thus greatly facilitated, amplifying user satisfaction.

• A simple menu invites the user to enter the file name to search and the web file hosting provider(s). In addition, any special search requirements, such as the desired file extension, can be provided.

• A large number of results are presented at lightning speed on a single screen that can scroll up and down, to enable the user to quickly identify and download the file. 

Download Engine
This app will bring a whole new sense of speed to the Android Download experience.

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