Friday 21 October 2011

Resetting an Android Phone

Sometimes a smartphone goes wrong and when it does the only thing to do is after every other solution has been tried, is to reset it.
Resetting an Android Phone can be done in two ways, firstly from the settings menu go to privacy settings. From there a factory data reset can be performed erasing all data and taking the phone back to its original out the box settings. A less dramatic option is to do a phone settings reset, where the settings will be reset but the phone will keep the users data.

If you are unable to perform any of these due to amongst other things a non working touchscreen , a few other options are available to reset an android handset.

On my Xperia Play I used the Sony Ericsson PC Companion to connect the phone to the PC and perform a reset. For other handsets such as HTC a similar PC connecting program can be used.
Android Physical Buttons-back button on left

Another hardware option that I've come across that didn't seem to work for me was to turn the phone off and then restart it while holding down the back button, apparently this should bring up a menu that can be used for a reset, but like I said that option didn't work for me. Apparently different Android phones can have different combinations , a manufacturer favourite also seems to be the power button and home button.

In a future post I'll cover some of the dangers of resetting an Android Handset.

For further help consult this post.