Friday 21 October 2011

App Game Characters

I started writing this article in draft form many months ago , but only just recently a television advert of all things spurred me on to carry on writing it.
The whole premise of this article is that as videogaming has become an established hobby/occupation for many people there have always been associated icons. Mario stands out; the whole cast of Street Fighter; all the way back to the standout icons of Pacman and the venerable Space Invaders. Now that app gaming has come of age it follows that there should be a host of icons that we start to associate with this type of game. For now I'm just going to mention two- one briefly and the other in more depth. Angry Birds of course stand out due to their immense popularity and their particular personality.
The other icons I'll mention aren't yet as widely known but I believe they will be in the future. Harking back to that television advert I actually saw the stars in an Ipod Touch game over a year ago.
These two stars are Belly and the Brain, when I first downloaded the game I was struck by how perfectly the characters fit with the game type,firing food with different physical properties to feed the gluttonous belly. The game was just perfect with a great mix of puzzling and physics, but more importantly the characters were iconic and hilarious adding dramatically to my enjoyment. I even felt a little awestruck when the Just Eat advert came on television last week-almost a year from the day I'd met these icons and here they were in their own advert. So AngryBirds you aren't the only icons that app games have given us. Belly and the Brain are right up there too and I hope to add to this list as I encounter more lovable; fun iconic app gaming charatcers over the next few weeks.