Thursday 13 October 2011

Is the Iphone 4s any good?

Voice recognition software for iPhone 4s find my friends and dual core chips claimed seven times faster graphics , all buzz words surrounding the Iphone 4sThe iPhone 5 has disappointingly not yet arrived but what's been served up in it's place, while not quite a main course, seems to at least be the tech equivalent of a shared platter starter .
And shared does seem to be the operative word for the recently announced iPhone 4S. Significantly the processing chip is said to be the equivalent of the IPads , boasting a dual core and perhaps optimistically claiming that graphics will be up to seven times faster.
As for bundled software the Find My Friends app sounds quite exciting, offering a service that pinpoints friends and family, significantly for tracking the children the app can be locked.
Finally, Siri the voice activated  personal assistant that we wrote about in a previous post, if it works,will be phenomenal.
Will these significant features be enough to ease buyers hunger for the increasingly mythical iPhone 5?