Saturday, 5 November 2011

Amazing Ipad Speech Translator

When an app is number one in New Zealand and in the top ten best selling apps in the USA, Canada and France you have to take it seriously.

Translator with Speech HD

If you're a seasoned traveller , an adventurer or just a tourist out to enjoy yourself this Ipad Speech Translator is just what you're looking for.

Other translators rely on one web translator. Translator with Speech HD is not one of these. Multiple web translators are used to produce quality spoken translations.

The feature list is immense:
  • Translates into 54 languages
  • English Language Speech Input
  • Internet free playback from memorised translations
  • Click to Playback
  • Common phrases for Major Languages
All of this is wrapped up in an elegant easy to use interface and you can send your translations to Twitter; Facebook or email!

People who have bought this translation app absolutely love it:
Wow nice app 
Man these guys keep outdoing themselves. This app is great. It has 3 key features that I found very important. The ability to send translations to social media. I can translate something and send it right to twitter. Facebook is also available. Voice recognition is another great feature. And it supports 54 other languages. There are many more great easy to use features, but I will let you find them out and see for yourself what this app is all about.
Launch Offer: $0.99 For a Limited Time
Uniting Cultures!

See website : Sparkling Apps for more info on this fantastic translator.


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