Friday 4 November 2011

Invest in Apps : CinematicMethod

Gametrender is going to cover something different today. It is a little known fact that it is easy for individuals to easily invest in apps , for profit or fun. I'll cover the ins and outs of app investment in a follow up post but for now I'd like to share a hot up and coming app which you can help get on to itunes by investing. You can be a part owner in an app! Cool!

Cinematic Movie Prediction Game and where to invest

The project consists of a group of college friends putting together a website ( that will connect movie fans like never before.

The developers  "... building an application that will create a fantasy league of sorts, where users sign in and make predictions as to what the final score will be for upcoming films."

Users will be able to follow their friends, creating a friendly competition between them, much like Fantasy Sports. Additionally, global leaderboards will be available to view statistics for all players, and prizes will be given to monthly victors. There is nothing like this currently available, and it is an exciting way to make casual movie fans more interested as well as spark lively debate and competition among more serious movie buffs.

They've gained a nice following already- over 10,000 twitter followers and 600 Facebook fans, and these people will jump-start the success of the application once it is developed and implemented. 

That's the blurb behind it and to be truthful it sounds like a really good, social game for the Iphone. It's also quite cheap to invest in the app, and I'd consider doing it just for fun or even as a unique gift for a video game loving friend!. 
Here's what the developers have to say:
The development of this project is going to cost $4000, quoted from a Facebook development company. On top of the development funds, we also need some marketing money to spread the word through different social avenues, mainly through Facebook. That's where the total of $5000 comes from.
That said, the more the merrier. If we can get additional funds, it will ensure complete development of the project and full marketing capabilities. As it is, we currently have over 10,000 followers on twitter and 600 fans on Facebook. This is a great starting point, but we feel the potential for this idea is much greater and it deserves to be explored to the fullest.

Each person who donates is helping bring to life a fun, interactive movie based game. Along with the great feeling of helping some wonderful human beings, you'll also get rewards based on your donation amount.

Definitely worth checking out and here's where you can invest in this app

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