Sunday 20 November 2011

Android Ice-Cream Sandwich for Xperia Phones

Ice Cream Sandwich
Android Ice-Cream sandwich has been recently rolled out to unanimous applause and now it's time for the Xperia Phones to get their update. Sony has been very good with bringing new os updates to their phones this year. My Xperia Play has had two updates in the six months that I've owned it. Of course everybody is very excited about the new Android update and thankfully Sony have listened and released information about the upcoming updates in a recent blog post : Ice-Cream Sandwich for 2011 Xperia Portfolio

Sony are very vague about the time scale but smartphone industry rumours say that it should be before the end of 2011.

The reason that the os update can't be instantaneous is that Sony needs to merge their current phones capabilities such as Facebook integration and 3d Panoramic pictures into the ice-cream sandwich update before it can be rolled out.

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