Monday 21 November 2011

Reading Harry Potter on your Barnes and Noble Nook

Harry Potter brought to you by Barne's and Noble
I remember when Harry Potter first came across my radar , when Gametrender was just a gleam in everybody's eye, what started out as a question posed to an ex girlfriend: "What's so addictive about Harry Potter?" Was soon answered as I was dragged in to a world of Muggles and Magic just like the rest of the world who even now fling their cash at book sellers like Barnes and Noble 's  to get hold of Harry Potter ( if they're one of the two people in the world who haven't already!)

So how does this tie up with the smartphone trending blog that is Gametrender. Well it's always our job to keep you abreast of developments in the tech world and what with the release of the new Android powered Kindle Fire I thought we'd do a quick article about Kindle's long time rival the Barnes and Noble Nook. So read on to find out how the Nook can help you enter Harry Potter world...

NOOK Color
When one of the things that must be said about the Barne's and Noble Nook is that it is supported by a very strong parent company, the Borders Group , once one of the most renowned and affluent booksellers, now even redirect their website to the mighty Barnes and Noble . One could argue that it is the physical component of old school paper book sellers like Borders Books which have left them in the dust behind innovators like Barnes and Noble. Indeed at one stage Borders locations where all over the world and I believe that one of the primary reasons is that Barnes and Noble with their Nook have moved on with the times and others have not-quite like us adult readers of Harry Potter- still believing in a Harry Potter world of magic and gleaning amusement from Harry Potter's teenage angst, albeit an angst tinged by a hint of magic!

The Nook Color itself is relatively inexpensive retailing at just under 200 hundred dollars and at seven inches is not too much of a handful. The Nook itself runs a version of Android but surprisingly apps can only be downloaded from Barnes and Noble with Angry Birds itself coming in at about $2.99 which is fairly shocking as we all know it can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

But as we know one of the world's biggest book sellers is not flogging us an appstore or even a mid-powered Android tablet, what they are giving us is access to a brilliant online collection of books, which of course includes the aforementioned Harry Potter.

The Nook also features a Read in Store capability that allows visitors to stream and read books for up to one hour while shopping in a Barnes & Noble Store, which gives a useful taste for the over 2.5 million ebooks;magazines and interactive kids books that a Nook Color owner will have access to.

It's not all sunshine though as not eveybody agress with B and N's foray into ebooks, in fact one of the companies billionaire investors Ron Burkle is concerned about falling profits and disagrees with Barnes & Noble's e-book strategy and is involved with ongoing litigation with present ceo's.

So to finally answer your question: Should the Nook Color be your key to a Harry Potter World of magic and muggles and indeed a million and one other non-fiction worlds. I would say a tentative yes if you are buying the Nook Color for its excellent library and the confidence that the product you own is backed by many real world bookstore locations. However if you are wanting an Android tablet for other factors like Android market capability or fast dual core processors for better gaming , then you would be better looking elsewhere.

Compare the Nook to the Amazon Fire

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