Wednesday, 2 November 2011

App Gaming Revolution-Reviewers we need You!

Hi, I would like to play games again! When I was young and free I was a hardcore gamer, gaming through the night until 5 in the morning only to wake up hours alter in the afternoon to rinse and repeat. Then along came the real world and family and , bless them, three children. The inevitable had happened and I had grown up, or had I? This was just before a revolution would sweep the world....

I remember gaming on  the old school Nokia Phones. And yes there was no denying it, Snake was a fun smartphone game for it's time. But then news started to break of something new and exciting.

The Iphone had arrived and there were 'apps' with it too. Micro sized bites of gaming goodness. I was happy I had the time to do a little bit of cheeky gaming now and again without the attendant hassle of setting up the console or dragging the kiddys away from the Tv. But a pleasant mobile surprise arrived not too long after...

The Xperia Play came along and for me it was a no-brainer . I loved Playstation and I loved gaming and I saw the possibilties of the Xperia Play. 

Once again I was a gamer, satisfied by the joypad of the Xperia Play and playing better than  Playstation console quality games on a 4 inch screen. I gamed wherever I could, on the bus, in queues, in bed at night , even on the toilet. And the family was happy too as this extreme portable gaming still allowed me to spend quality time with them.

But then life changed again! I loved my Xperia Play so much and was so hooked by all the new smartphone technology coming out, the aesthetic splendour of the Iphones and the rampant customisation of the Android Phones and all the million apps and games that could be downloaded for them I thought that it should be my mission to spread the word about the best apps and games out there. So I started GAMETRENDER. But it became very,very big and a very popular app review and news site. So much so that I don't have the time to game anymore! 

I need your help. I want to be a gamer again, and all my readers won't let me give up GAMETRENDER. It's too big, too popular, and I've grown very fond of my gaming site too. But every day hundreds of developers are asking for apps to be reviewed and I can't keep up! My Xperia Play is very lonely and neglected too, he doesn't just want to be used for telephone calls, he wants GTA III on his screen, he wants to share the drive down the streets of San Fran in Driver San Francisco for Android. He'd even be satisfied with a session of Angry Birds. Let me be a gamer again! Come and join Gametrender, share your ideas for articles, don't let all those promo codes for free games and apps go to waste as I have to turn down developers again and again because so many of them want their apps reviewed I can't keep up, come and write articles and reviews for Gametrender.

Become an app reviewer and set me free to game again!


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