Wednesday 2 November 2011

Monkey and the Crocodile: Beautifully Drawn Story in Hindi And English for iOS

This app made me feel so nostalgic as soon as I saw the name I immediately thought of more innocent times and then the illustrations really struck a chord and I had to feature this app straight away.
Niyaa brings to you the children stories that have been told and retold by generations and are packed with ancient wisdom. We unfold the memorable Panchatantra classic of the Monkey and the Crocodile that will be your child's favorite for ages. The story is child friendly and bilingual, an app in Hindi and English.

★ iPhone version was Ranked #2 and #3 in Top Paid Education Apps in Indian App Store (Aug 2 & Aug 3 2011)

★ iPhone version also Featured in the What's Hot in the Indian App Store 

"One of my favorite childhood stories told in a simple and modern way. Love the animation, voice and presentation" - Pancharantra king
Key features 
- Beautiful and attractive illustrations keeping kids in mind 
- App for all ages - babies can listen using sleep mode, toddler can view and listen and preschoolers can learn and interact
- Animated voices bringing the story to life 
- Easy to read along text for our budding readers 
- A story with a moral 
- Hunt down all the animal facts on the fun and interactive animal page. 
- Proven touch screen learning tools to promote hand eye coordination in kids
- Sleep mode 
- Bilingual narration in english and hindi
Ipad version free ; iphone 99cents for limited time

Email : 
Facebook : search for "niyaa" page
Twitter :


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