Wednesday 30 November 2011

Best Photography and Photoshop for your Android

Our recent iPhone Photography articles have been really popular so let's share with our Android users too, what's the closet Photoshop type app that can be found on Android?

Believe it or not Adobe Photoshop is itself actually available for Android! With the rise of digital photography and Smartphone Cameras improving all the time , it was just a matter of time before professional photography suites made their way onto Android. So whether you're using your Android to improve a photography blog or are just looking to enquire further about online photoshop then carry on reading.

Recently released for Adobe Photoshop Express for Android is a stripped down version of the desktop photoshop product specially designed for Android .
It allows swift manipulation of photographs with expected features such as crop, straighten , adjust colour etc. all easily accessible from your phone's touchscreen.

Being very Smartphone savvy Adobe makes it easy to share your pictures with social media sites like Facebook and Twitpic (very useful as many of my nights-out pictures sent from my Android phone have looked positively garish)

Another useful feature is the online account that negates your phone's limited storage and takes your photos to the cloud allowing quick uploading to Adobe servers.

But that's only part of the story! Adobe has just released a suite of Android Tablet Applications that will take the use of Photoshop for Android to the next level.

Photoshop Touch for Android

Introducing ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TOUCH:It's with only a small stretch of the imagination that the possibilities of a Photoshop tablet app become apparent. After all with our phones smaller screens and somewhat limited processing power they won't be able to compete with the finesse of this picture manipulation app on Android tablets that have decidely bigger screens and more power.

The app features core features from the desktop version of the graphical suite but of course adds to those by using Photoshop features designed for tablet such as layers and selection tools.

Like the Android phone app images can be swiftly shared to Facebook and others. Another useful feature that would be hard for desktop photo manipulation software to emulate is the ability of the app to integrate the tablet's camera for various fill-in features. Again as with the Android Smartphone app the Adobe tablet version can also upload and backup to the Adobe Creative Cloud. As is expected many tutorials and videos accompany this high profile Android tablet Photoshop. 

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