Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Famous Photographers show off their Pictures on iPhone

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Carrying on in the spirit of our recent coverage of photo apps we 're going to look into what famous photographers have been able to do with their pictures of note on iPhone.

Apparently the majority of Flickr upload pictures come from iPhones and since the brilliant iPhone 4s and it's renowned camera have been released that's all too sure to increase. What with the ability to resize pictures and edit pictures it's no surprise that the 'Polaroid for 2011/2012' is so popular. So what famous photo can you expect to see on this innovative phone camera?

Famous pictures taken on iPhone is actually a big topic in the news at the moment with people instantly becoming famous photographers by being in the right place at the right time: Take Stefanie Gordon for example who shot what would instantly become a world famous picture, after it was twittered, of the Space Shuttle launch.
Thanks to Stefanie Gordon we can appreciate the Shuttle launch as seen from an aeroplane.
Literally overnight she became a famous photographer and even earned some money from her opportune picture ( many would argue not enough as her famous photo was so widely circulated and not even acknowledged by some very large news companies)

Another accidentally famous photographer is Janis Krums who was again in the right place at the right time to take this photograph:
Janis Krums' 'There's a plane in the Hudson River'

The lesson to be learned here is with our iPhones and other smart phones being constantly with us and with the instant ability to edit pictures, resize pictures and indeed upload pictures: whether that be to Twitter; Facebook or to a personal email address everyone has the ability to take a great content photograph and get the news scoop which could potentially land them in the fame and fortune bracket.

These and more famous pictures taken from mobile phones are increasingly featured across the internet and are rapidly becoming a modern art form if you have a Smartphone then please join in. Gametrender welcomes any efforts you make with iPhone and Android photography and will happily share your work via our comments or even a dedicated article if your photos are awesome!

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  1. These photos only prove that photographers don't need a DSLR or high tech cameras to capture images perfectly. It's their talent that made them capture these scenes properly.


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