Monday 28 November 2011

Christmas Apps: Santa's Mess for Android

Poor old Santa, he's always getting in a mess this time of year!

 Traditionally every Christmas time there is a movie about Santa's trials and tribulations, it's a wonder the jolly Fat Man ever gets any presents delivered with all the movies he's starring in!

Well it's now Christmas 2011 and to celebrate the festive season Santa is technologising and Saint Nick will soon be on a smartphone near you!

We're going to kick off our Christmas Apps season by featuring Santa's Mess for Android. And yes, you guessed it Father Christmas is in trouble again and it's up to you to save Christmas by sorting out all his presents for him.

But what's this the word 'FIGHT' on a Santa Game. Yup, buddy you wanna be the top Elf present sorter you gotta earn that right!

Compete against others online to be the top Elf and maybe even become Santafied! Nothing quite like celebrating the holidays with good, old wholesome app based competition .

Download Santa's Mess on Android market

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