Monday 28 November 2011

Family and Friends Finder from Zopeo

After being directed to this friend and person finder on the web I didn't realise how much of my day would be lost to it! I must have spent a good two hours just marvelling at how easy it was to find people I know and once knew. Just when I thought I'd be able to  get back to writing this article about their app I would think of another person to find!

With such a neat and clean interface Zopeo Friend finder is just so easy to use. With simply typing in the name of a friend, loved one or occasional acquaintance from the past within seconds I was seeing results from all over the web.
Including addresses, changed names, current locations and more.
Zopeo has almost a billion people in it's friend finder database and is marketed as the most widely connected people searcher on the web.

Find long lost friends

As we go through life and leave a trail of good memories and fond acquaintances behind , the pace of modern life often makes us forget the true and beautiful friendships that we form with other human beings.

Zopeo :reconnecting the world
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