Tuesday 8 November 2011

Cute and Fun Kids Sticker Book app-and more!

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Animal Farm 3 in 1

Do you remember those brilliant sticker books we had as children?They were such fun and I've always longed to get something like that for the Ipad for my son.

Thank goodness then for the family friendly app makers "We are Faces"

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But their brilliant game " Animal Farm 3 in 1" turns out not just to be a child friendly sticker book app! But just as promised the lovely little game with ever so cute graphics kindly gives us two other game modes too.

In their own words:
"Sticker" - is an animal sticker play-set. Drag and drop to place the funny animals on the farm.

"Memory game" - is a simple and easy classic memory match game with 3 difficulty levels:
- Easy: 4 cards
- Medium: 6 cards
- Custom: 12, 16, 20 cards

"Animals" - color cards with English pronunciation and names written under the picture.

- Charming characters and high quality illustrations.
- Cool graphics.
- Brings characters to life by tapping them.
- Turn on/off sound effects.

So now thanks to this iPhone app my children can not only have fun with a sticker book on the ipad (or Iphone) but also play a delightful app memory game and even use the ipad to learn words and animal names!

What a delightful children's app.

Be sure to find them on Facebook and learn more about We are Faces apps , after downloading Animal Farm 3 in 1 of course!

Download this lovely Animal Fun from Itunes now

Very Cute and educational app

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