Monday 7 November 2011

Top Word Game: Word Overflow for iOS

A gleaming example of what a finely polished Iphone game should look like, fun to play and oozing with features.
It's rare that a game is so easy to write about but in this case the mere fact that almost every review that I could find for this iOS Word Game, was so brimming over with enthusiasm for the app that it's hard to find fault with it.

Main Menu on Word Overflow.  We have Game Center for Leader Boards and Achievements
Word Overflow

✔ Word Game ✔ Physics based ✔ Game Center ✔ Leader boards ✔ Achievements ✔ Unlimited fun! Word Overflow brings a highly addictive and exciting new word game straight to your finger tips. As letters fall like rain, your goal is to tap those letters to spell words as fast as you can. Once a word has been submitted, the letters disappear to make room for more. But be careful, as the letters fall, don't let them fill up too high and overflow! The more letters you use in a word the more points you earn. Compete against friends on the leader boards and compete against yourself for all the Word Overflow achievements. You will play game after game, trying to top your best scores. With random letters falling, every game promises to be a new experience. Looking for extra control? Turn on tilt to allow you to control the direction of gravity. As the letters start to overflow to the right, quickly tilt to the left to keep from overflowing. Some say it makes the levels easier, and some say it adds to the challenge! As you continue to play, reach for higher scores with special letters available in the store. Multipliers give you many more points for the same length word, Destroyers destroy near by letters and Annihilators wipe the whole level clean of letters, perfect for that last second word to keep letters from overflowing. Go for gold and get the top score above all your friends, you will love Word Overflow!
** Leader boards and Achievements only available on Game Center enabled devices.

And finally if your mind still isn't made up just look at these rave reviews!

Word overflow
An addicting game

Great game, very addicting. Has me thinking about forming words even when I am not playing. Lol. Two thumbs up!!!

Download the app from the Apple App Store or read Paw Apps Website for more info on this fantastic app

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