Monday 28 November 2011

Find the right nook for your furniture

Finding the right nook and cranny for your furniture can be a wearisome task. In this article we are going to look into how your Smartphone can make furniture shopping and furniture selection that much easier.

Never be caught out again with furniture sizes and save yourself multiple trips to the furniture stores when you get the wrong sized couch (Oops it really doesn't work with that nook !)
Just by putting a credit-card or store card next to the object to be measured this clever measuring app is able to work out the dimensions of anything you want measured by your iPhone.

Prevent this from happening with the handy Rulerphone for Iphone.

Now that you're armed with a virtual ruler and I'm hoping a pocketful of cash you can decide which part of your house you want to decorate and how you want to decorate it. 

Inspirational home design from renowned app designers Feather and Moor   
A collection of inspirational design art from around the world. From your bedroom alcove , to your kitchen nook, to your living room corner and any other new nook and cranny you can think of this inspirational interior design app will get you in the mood to be searching out the best furniture stores to get started on your perfect home:

So which furniture store do you go for now that you're intent on doing a bit of re-decorating? Your iPhone can help out here too.
Ikea the best furniture store choice ?
Furniture giants like Ikea furniture and City Furniture compete for your money and living room space.

IKEA furniture can be found in their very own Iphone app catalogue: IKEA CATALOGUE

whereas  CITY FURNITURE doesn't have the same big brand power to have a furniture store app out yet, but in the meantime you can 
use the  STOREFINDER app to cater to your furniture shopping needs

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