Monday 28 November 2011

Find the weather on iPad 2

During these days of frost and chill the weather is a topic often on our cold blue lips, with this article I hope to expose you to some of the iPad 2 weather apps that will let you know whether you should stay inside playing games or venture out.

Before I was exposed to the Apple Ipad I had some pretty funky weather apps running on my Android phone

What I most liked about the GO-WEATHER APP was the easy to use interface and the weather pictures which really added to the atmosphere of the app. At the moment Go-Weather is only available for Android, but when it comes out for Ipad I'll certainly get it,

Google weather or to be more precise Google Maps Weather is a nice little weather applet for your mac or Pc but can also be used on your Ipad 

Weather Channel-gorgeous weather animation

The Weather Channel
has got to be the premier weather app for the Ipad. Search for NY weather or FL weather or any other area you want and backed up by an outstanding team of 200+ meteorologists this iPad weather app will give you the knowledge to plan your day, week or even next hour. Do you really need an iPad 2 case , yes! as it's going to be raining in the next five minutes! Even such up to date met is accessible from this app which features, amongst other things, 

  • Latest weather news,tweets and photos
  • Footage of actual storms and breaking news video(never miss a hurricane again!)
  • Full screen weather maps that can be customised by you
  • Lovely HD photos of Weather as backgrounds

I recommend the Weather Channel but many people swear by The Weather Bug. This video compares and contrasts the two apps.

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