Monday 28 November 2011

Buy your iPad 3 from Craigslist

As Apple lovers everywhere still eagerly await for the release of the iPhone 5, the 4s simply being a slight step ahead of the iPhone 4 and by no means an adequate substitute for 5, increasingly tech hungry people are turning to even more obscure sources such as Craigslist backpage to find the iPad 3 and more!
What with Apple being the playful marketeers that they are and keeping products under wraps with just the occasional media staged rumour to keep the smartphone and table fans salivating until the next edition of items such as the iPad are released it only takes a slight stretch of the imagination to think that Apple would start selling the iPad 3 on Craigslist or Ebay before even a media circus launch.
Of course such a thing is virtually impossible, with the billions of dollars involved in an Apple product launch even though the company likes to pull marketing stunts, this would be a stunt too far.
This hasn't however stopped numerous people from being scammed out of their money and thinking that they've found an iPad 3 on Craigslist when in reality all they've purchased is an iPad 2 or even the original iPad that if you look beneath the ipad case would probably read " jailbreak ipad".
So Apple lovers be warned the 3 iteration of the magnificent tablet is not here yet! Don't be fooled and stick to buying from reputable retailers and not the backpage of the internet!

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