Wednesday 30 November 2011

Fox current Events for your Mobile

Fox News Channel and the station have been around for a while with their 'Fair and balanced' viewpoints, Gametrender now investigates if Fox, as is current with many other news channels, is making it's way onto Mobile phones.

Being a Smartphone owner can mean many things but on the whole owning one of the most trending bits of technology available today shows that you're very much in touch with the modern world and so phenomena such as current world events are probably of interest to you. Luckily then that the Fox News Channel has a massive presence on the web and has made app specifically for your mobile device including iPhone and iPad; Android devices; Windows Phone and indeed any mobile phone that can access the internet. The iPad Fox News App in particular looks to be filled out with all that you could want in a news app:

  • 'Happening Now' channel
  • Fox News Channel Live Ticker
  • Browse through clips; articles and Fox slideshows
  • Major News events will have live coverage.
  • Have a heads up as to what's coming next on the Fox News Channel
  • The ability to listen to Fox News Radio on the go
All these mobile versions are also accompanied by the separate download of the  Fox Business App.

And if you want to educate your children as to the goings on and happenings in the world then have a look at Mickey's Weather Kids Fox's outreach to children of Alabama to get them involved with Fox, hopefully such a push will see more integration for child friendly reality shows, if not full on news shows, to let our children know a bit more about the World around them: Are there any schemes like this on Android or iPhone apps? Let us know via the comment of your favourite news app and any children friendly news apps and we'll cover them in future articles.

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