Wednesday 30 November 2011

CNN News for your Smartphone

Continuing on from our recent article covering Fox News on Mobile and our look at Fox e News we're now going to look at what CNN News has to offer for our Smartphones.

CNN has been around for over thirty years and is seen by over 100 million American Households and broadcast in over two hundred and twelve countires ( CNN Money a spin-off is equally popular throughout the business world). It's understandable that such a widespread channel that has been at the forefront of 24/7 news for over three decades and that has been at the forefront of such modern iconic moments as the Gulf War ( not to mention the fact that it's widespread and blanket coverage of breaking news is even rumoured to instigate US Political Decisions) should certainly have a quality mobile app to go with it.

Like the Fox e News app CNN's app is freely available for most Mobile Devices (Android included) but it is the iPhone News app that has been frantically covered by the media because of its richness of features.

The CNN iPhone App is divided into four distinctive sections:
Headlines: Of course this is the expected feature of a News App, giving you access to CNN Breaking News sorted by category and with the ability to share to major social networks like Facebook

My CNN: Gives you personalization options for stories you'd like to read and the ability to save news stories for off-line reading.

Video: Giving you up to the minute content from CNN Live

iReport: Giving you the user the ability to submit photos and videos and become a citizen news reporter yourself!

A very comprehensive app that will transform the way you watch the news on your iPhone.

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