Monday 28 November 2011

iPhone makes Fedex and Usps tracking that much easier

Come this Christmas season more and more people will be turning to the net to buy their presents (new iPhone 4s anyone?) and companies like Fedex and USPS will be swamped with work, This article explores Fedex tracking and USPS tracking via Iphone apps , so if your Chritsmas gifts do go missing and least you can chase them up!
Fedex smartpost, a service that allows online retailers to ship lots of small lightweight packages at cheaper prices has also been in the news lately, when we examine some of the iPhone tracking apps we'll be sure to say if it includes the ability to track fedex smartpost too.

FedEx Mobile for iPhone and iPad is the official app from the company themselves with this you can track your shipment status, print shipping labels, a mobile shipping label that generates a barcode -so no printer needed!, ship packages and more. Intelligent mail barcode is the new system referenced on the Fedex website, I think this refers to the above mobile shipping label (please say in comments if I'm mistaken) and this is the only reference I could find to Smartpost tracking, so without sending a package we're just going to have to take it on facevalue that the app will track smartpost too.


UPS is the other shipping  company that will be working hard this Christmas. Armed with a UPS tracking number this Mobile App should see your presents safely to your door and to the doors of lucky relatives and friends. The app doesn't seem to have as many features as the Fedex one, but does have the ability to find your nearest UPS office using your phones GPS.

So enjoy the Christmas season this year safe in the knowledge that your online purchases and presents sent from and to loved ones will eventually be finding their way underneath your Christmas tree. Or if they don't at least you'll be easily able to see in what obscure warehouse in which Middle-Eastern country they've ended up in!

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