Monday 28 November 2011

Clever ways to remove your home from the National Grid

Fuel bills are scandalous and while it might be possible to remove your home from the National Grid through home solar power and other means ,what is more realistic is that we manage to cut down our national grid bill, once again Gametrender turns to the world of Smartphones to help us find out how.
Cow Methane as Alternative Energy?Surely there's a better way!
Home design obviously plays a role in how much national fuel we're going to consume with the amount and size of windows; draughty doorways and uninsulated roofs all playing a large part in the overall fuel bill. Zillow's Android tablet App could help you out in finding a new home, but if you didn't want to go to that extreme than there are some superb apps on the market that you might want to consider:

The credentials of this app are impeccable with one of the creators having a BA in Ecology and the other being a renowned Green architect , both have worked within this field for over two years so are undoubtedly experts.
The handy house map allows green-friendly users zoom in on particular house locations and find better alternate means to not only save the house fuel bill, but also the environment. Handy categories are covered such as better ways to save water and most importantly in the spirit of this article, save money on your utility bill. No longer does a National Grid Bill need to be so dreaded!.
Going even further though the app doesn't just help you to green-ify your home but also gives important health hints and tips about food and pharmaceuticals that can help your family to lead a happier and healthier life.
The app also provides a valuable tool for educators and will also help to improve the habits of those who have already gone GREEN

Dowload THIS IS GREEN for a better tomorrow.

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