Monday 7 November 2011

Life as a Failed Android Developer

Teaser Post: This was drafted months ago and I just found it doing a sweep up-now regard it as a teaser post for a later app when I will cover the awesome Android marketing Skills Of the Legendary Kreci! :So life as a developer, now that I had 'cracked the big time!' I had to work hard time wise and thinking wise to get our app to market. Joao my business partner was already published on the Brazilian Android Market with
Our idea was that we would take his Portugese version of Hangman and add new categories and words to make an English version. All in all it probably took about three days of work on both our parts to get this to market.
Joao of course concentrated on the programming side and I used knowledge gained from a previous life as an English teacher to conjure up categories(transport; clothing;colours;food;animals and more to come in the future) and words. When my creativity ran dry I would turn to the internet for inspiration. But all the time vetting and editing to decide which words would go into the easy; medium or hard categories.
I would have found it a much less worthwhile task unless I had made some crucial desicions right at the beginning. I found it so important to have a design philosophy for this Android app. The overarching decision was that words would not just be categorised according to difficulty of spelling but also as to how obscure the words were.
The app was finally published on the Android market and now it remains to see how much of a success it will be. UPDATE: Not very! The free app has between 500-1000 downloads and the paid for app less than 5!
I think it's time to call in the expert on Android market optimisation Kreci- who we will certainly cover in a future post!

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